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New girl: Marzia!

Marzia, 20 years old. Killer looks. Incredible body. She decided to give it a try “because why not? I’ve always wondered what kicking some bitches ass feels like, so here I am. Who’s first?”.

Check out Marzia’s page… and send your script so that she can prove herself: sales@sexyfightdreams.com or via the Custom videos page.


6 responses to “New girl: Marzia!”

  1. Steve Johnson says:

    She is an amazing model she was excellent in her face squeezing match as a jobber! I really enjoyed the clip and hope to see her in other face squeezing videos!! Well worth the money.

  2. Nick says:

    Super super addition. Hope she stays and turns in some great videos

  3. Ivan says:

    yes, an incredible body. A fight with Adele or Andrea, very, very interesting and sexy.

  4. Nate! says:

    Welcome to SFD Marzia!

  5. Curios says:

    Will she be in IFW???

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