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New girl: Anita fighter

Anita is one of a kind: she has loved wrestling from the moment she first stepped on the mats. Hard training and strong commitment are her bible.

After some weeks spent in the gym with our trainers, she is totally ready to perform in your custom video!

Anita is very straightforward and she openly says that she discovered the pleasure and excitement coming from punishing and causing pain to her opponent. And she loved that feeling! Wow! We’ll see what you guys have in store for her in your custom scripts!

More photos on her page: Anita.

Reach out to us by email sales@sexyfightdreams.com or via the form to send your script!


3 responses to “New girl: Anita fighter”

  1. Nate! says:

    Welcome To SFD Anita!

  2. Jugador says:

    Do you have any samples of her wrestling/in action?

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