Here are the resident girl wrestlers of Sexy Fight Dreams , who are currently available for custom videos (female wrestling, catfight, roleplay, tests of strength, belly punching, any wrestling holds… you name it! We even like to play with fake blood and messy stuff!).
Most SFD Girls have years of experience in wrestling and come from Italian Female Wrestling where they train on a regular basis, and that’s where you will find mostly competitive female and mixed wrestling videos and real catfights.


With Robi, she is with IFW/SFD since the very first day. A real Italian beauty, with a strong and fit body, loves scissoring her opponents into submission: her legs are considered the strongest around (but Lara would not agree!). Likes to dominate and win, scripted matches too! Available for mixed wrestling too.

Started wrestling in: 2013 – Height: 164cm (5’5) – Weight: 47kg (104lb) – Shoe size: 37,5 (7)


Young, ambitious, committed. Celeste has no friends here, she has rivals! She may look thin and somehow a delicate frame, but she can be mean and put any opponent to her place, no matter what it takes – including boys, oh yeah! And yes, she doesn’t like rules and restrictions. Ask for Celeste to star in your next custom video and you won’t regret!

Started wrestling in: 2017 – Height: 168cm (5’6) – Weight: 45kg (100lb) – Shoe size: 37,5 (7)


Sweet eyes, long dark hair, a curvy body to die for. Some say she might be the perfect jobber, she claims to be ready to fight any opponent and prove how strong she is. We are all waiting for your customs to flow in to see if Gioia will keep after her words or will be used as a punching bag by our terrible girls!

Started wrestling in: 2017 – Height: 165cm (5’5) – Weight: 52kg (114lb) – Shoe size: 38 (7,5)


She burst onto the scene in 2016, and proved to be a true star in no time! She is a fitness model with a perfect body, hypnotizing eyes, great acting skills, a very competitive personality. Lara immediately discovered how much she loves to fight… and win! Ask her to dominate and humiliate her foe and you’ll make her day (and get yourself a splendid custom video!).
Lara is now available to star in mixed wrestling videos as well!

Started wrestling in: 2016 – Height: 170cm (5’7) – Weight: 56kg (123lb) – Shoe size: 38,5 (8)


A young, stunning beauty, Luna works as a model… but that’s not enough for her. She wants to express her competitiveness in the most direct way: wrestling other girls! And don’t let that angel face mislead you: she is fierce, tough and can be mean and even cruel. Test her skills on your next custom video with Luna! Heel or jobber? you decide.

Started wrestling in: 2018 – Height: 167cm (5’6) – Weight: 50kg (110lb) – Shoe size: 38 (7,5)


Marica is a fitness athlete, with a perfect body, a determination you don’t find often and a natural talent for wrestling. On top of that, she really loves to fight! Don’t be misleaded by her sweet looks, she can be mean and… loves to! Marica is also a quick learner and after just a few weeks of training she is ready to take on any opponent, and force the sexiest submission out of her, anytime. Try her in your next custom!

Started wrestling in: 2017 – Height: 170cm (5’7) – Weight: 57kg (126lb) – Shoe size: 38,5 (8)


Ice cold eyes, iron muscles, grappling, MMA and wrestling are a passion for Nina since ever. She loves to fight competitively but also enjoys taking part in scripted videos, especially if you ask her to be the heel of your custom! What are you waiting for to check Nina in action?

Started wrestling in: 2016 – Height: 168cm (5’6) – Weight: 60kg (132lb) – Shoe size: 38 (7,5)



A legend of Italian Female Wrestling, maybe the most popular wrestler of the roster not only for her stunning beauty: she has deceiving sweet looks, but she could smother you with a smile on her lips. Somebody said she’s a cold wrestling machine. Most likely the strongest competitive wrestler of the group, and one of the most requested for customs.

Started wrestling in: 2013 – Height: 176cm (5’9) – Weight: 51kg (112lb) – Shoe size: 38,5 (8)


A long experience in martial arts, a trained body perfectly fit for fighting, knows how to concentrate 100% in what she is doing even if she is very emotional. An impressive wrestler with a deadly grapevine pin, who proved a great surprise with her acting talent. Order your custom with Sabrina now!

Started wrestling in: 2016 – Height: 162cm (5’4) – Weight: 53kg (117lb) – Shoe size: 38 (7,5)


Serena is a real athlete: she works out every day and teaches pole dance. She is slender, flexible, has strong muscles and great determination. And of course she is a stunning beauty! Now, she wants to show the girls she can also wrestle them all into submission! How she dares? All SFD girls are eager to teach the newcomer a lesson she won’t forget! Order your custom with Serena now! Serena will wrestle guys too.

Started wrestling in: 2017 – Height: 165cm (5’5) – Weight: 52kg (114lb) – Shoe size: 38 (7,5)


Stella is an extraordinary mix of beauty, muscles and professionalism. In both competitive and scripted videos she is always committed to perfection and is much involved in all SFD’s activities. For some reason she seems to be the perfect jobber for our loyal clients… isn’t she even sexier when losing?
Stella will consider topless requests, if she likes the script… and has the right mood!

Started wrestling in: 2014 – Height: 165cm (5’5) – Weight: 56kg (123lb) – Shoe size: 39 (8,5)


Always elegant and well mannered, she instantly turns into a true tigress the moment she steps on the mats for a fight! Tall, slender, deadly legs always ready to squeeze her opponent between her thighs, with a smirk on her face. She has a very expressive face, helping a lot in scripted / fantasy productions. Her new passion is Lift & Carry, she loves to be in control!

Started wrestling in: 2015 – Height: 170cm (5’7) – Weight: 60kg (132lb) – Shoe size: 38,5 (8)

We also have visiting guest wrestlers every now and then, whose availability is announced every on Facebook and Twitter . Keep following SFD!