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Gaia has just joined SFD! She has fighting experience and is totally open to trying new things. When she first came to the studio she’d look left and right and went like “Are there any of your small girls around today? I wanna see my little playthings already!“.
Wow, that’s a bold statement, isn’t it? But it’s you guys who will decide her role in your custom videos.

She is waiting for your scripts! Reach out to sales@sexyfightdreams.com or go to the customs page.
If you want to see more of Gaia, check her page.

Hint: she is also on www.fetishfights.com for topless and fetish content, in case that’s what you are after!


2 responses to “Gaia!”

  1. Nate says:

    Welcome to SFD Gaia!

  2. Peiper says:

    Amazing Gaia, is she a fitness trainer/bodybuilder?Girls of IFW be carefull, she can do big damage with her biceps and legs, if she had already fighting experience

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