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Fetish Fights is on line!

This is great news! We have finally launched a new website featuring plenty of topless and fetish action, with the same top-quality you got used to!

Well, what are you waiting for? Click here and check it out: www.fetishfights.com


4 responses to “Fetish Fights is on line!”

  1. krispin says:

    L’esile Celeste √® la mia vittima preferita e credo che comprer√≤ i suoi video. Gli acquisti si possono fare solo uno alla volta?

  2. Kevin says:

    Not much there yet, but I see great potential in this new website. Very curious about which kind of fetish we’ll see on next matches. Well done! Any chance we’ll get to have nude fights too, in the future?

    • Ric says:

      Yes, Bianca, Ivy, and Pamela are those who can do nude at the time being. Not yet sure we can sell them through the current payment processor though, as it’s a bit borderline. Anyway, nude custom videos are already possible on FF.

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