SFD570 Marica vs Ivy – Hour long Jungle Girls’ adventures in the Amazon’s hut

Duration: 57 min
Price: Euro 24,99 (720p) - Euro 27,99 (1080p) - Euro 29,99 (2160p)
  • Marica
  • born in: 1995
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb

Not the typical Jungle Girl story

My Goddess! Marica as the Jungle Girl looks splendid, perfect in her thong bikini. Look at her muscles, her gracious movements, her incredible body. You will feel like you are in the middle of the jungle watching her dancing to a tribal rhythm.
After the shoot is over, she is on the phone talking about how envious her colleagues are of her role… Ivy who plays one of the Amazons overhears the conversation. Trouble is in sight!

Actresses fight!

Back in the story, the Jungle Girl is to face her toughest foe, the powerful Amazon Queen, the ultimate boss. Of course, this is a brutal fight, the two rivals exchange full nelsons, plenty of lifted bearhugs, punches, and chokes. It seems that our Jungle Girl prevails, but the Amazon Queen has an ace up her sleeve, that infamous voodoo doll.
Queen Ivy’s powers increase exponentially, and now she is invincible, her dominance over Marica is evident, she tortures her with the voodoo magic of “pleasure and pain”, and Marica’s facial expressions will enchant you.
Whipping, sleepers, chokes, strangling with chains, aggressive hair pulling, devastating camel clutches, the most powerful bearhugs… it looks like the Jungle Girl will be finally destroyed.

She’s the only Jungle Girl for a reason

Damm! Jungle Girl is subdued and humiliated by the Amazon Queen who displays her like a trophy. Is this the end? No, Marica is not willing to give up and in a show of courage, she stands and fights again!
However, her rival continues to beat her mercilessly… but the voodoo power eventually leaves the Queen, and our heroine makes her comeback and destroys Ivy for good.
Jungle Girl is proclaimed victorious and terrifies all the Amazons!
An hour-long movie in the Amazons’ Queen’s hut. Masterpiece.

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toshiki asano
toshiki asano
6 days ago

Love the torture rack. Hope to see more in future videos.

6 days ago

Incredible production. Great match up, the blonde jungle girl in a tiny bikini vs the dominant tribe queen.