SFD316 Dakotarose vs Andrea – One sided

Andrea’s demise

You don’t even have the time to admire the wrestlers’s magnificent bodies, that Dakotarose slams Andrea’s back into the wall and begins throwing deadly punches to her soft belly, making her bend in half for the staggering pain!

Soon after, a terrific camel clutch goes close to breaking Andrea’s back, and Dakota shows her cruelty pulling her victim’s hair at the same time.

Back destruction!

The English beauty continues to attack Andrea’s back with several nasty holds, making her scream in agony, including a vicious over the knee back breaker, several bow and arrows and countless camel clutches.

Dakotarose’s chokes and scissors (including a terrific figure four!) do the rest… Andrea seems to be a little toy, almost left topless, victim of colvunsions on the verge of losing consciousness, at the mercy of the bigger and stronger opponent.

Andrea beaten and humiliated

A dominant Dakota is in total control and humiliates Andrea putting her in an armbar and a foot on her head, forcing her to beg to be released. The final bearhug breaks Andrea, and the lotus hold victory pose ends this incredible match.

You won’t easily get to see anything sexier than this for long!
Please note that though the match is scripted, all the belly punching is 100% real.

Duration: 20 min
Video price: Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 28,99 (2160p)

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2 thoughts on “SFD316 Dakotarose vs Andrea – One sided

  1. Finally, I wanted to watch this a long time ago. Thank you so much. I’m gonna buying it!

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