SFD315 Dakotarose vs Ivy – One sided

Duration: 35 min
Price: €21,99 (720p) - €25,99 (1080p) - €30,99 (2160p)

Dakotarose is fantastic: from her angel face, to her perfect breast barely hidden by the thinnest top ever, to her might abs, long and shapely legs, ankles and even her feet and soft soles. She slaps in a rear naked choke hold and wraps her long legs around poor Ivy’s midsection. She taunts her and even after Ivy’s desperate tapping she would not release her hold.
The British beauty is in a dominant mood, willing to submit, destroy and humiliate her victim. Ivy stands no chance: you will see her scissored by Dakotaroses’s powerful thighs, making fun of her with her detached, ice-cold attitude.

Dakotarose showcasing holds
Not yet convinced? Ok here are some more highlights of this match: grapevine pin and breast smothers (“feel my tits, bitch”), pretty unique leg chokes, reverse head scissors, camel clutches, one legged scorpion holds, armbars, school girl pins with bicep pose, foot choke, and many more.

Feet to face!
The contrast between Dakota calmly claiming “I wanna hear you squeal like a pig” while applying a terrific figure four (one of many), and Ivy’s helplessly struggling to break free is quite a sight! And what about Dakotarose posing on a frustrated Ivy every now and then, to add insult to injury?
When Dakota decides to tease Ivy with her feet on the loser’s face, tits, arms… then you know it’s all over.

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