SFD314 Marica vs Dalia – Smother

Dalia, tiny pest!

Marica is held captive, tied to a chair. The moment she manages to break free the door opens and little Dalia storms in the room, putting a rear naked choke on a stunned Marica.
Dalia is a fury and doesn’t leave Marica the time to think. Marica is dominated, and put through a series of excruciating holds by her smaller but fierce opponent!
You’ll see how Dalia especially enjoys choking Marica from behind and smothering her with her little, deadly hands, taunting her at will in a schoolgirl pin!

Marica’s comeback

Looks like the end is near for Marica, with Dalia firmly sitting on her chest, knees pinning down her shoulders, all her weight on both hands pressed over her mouth to finish her off! However, after taking lots of punishment, Marica finds the way to retaliate and… boy is she pissed off!

Dalia’s demise

Now you’ll have the chance to see how Marica punds on Dalia: breast smothers, scissors of any kind, grapevine pins, rear naked chokes, hand over mouth smothers, figure four … it’s a slugfest! Dalia’s wrists are ties up only to render her completely helpless and Marica rubs it in!
And you still have to see Marica completing her cruel vendetta on her poor, beaten foe, humiliated under her mighty feet.
An extraordinary debut for Dalia, definitely an instant classic for SFD!

Duration: 23 min
Video price: Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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5 thoughts on “SFD314 Marica vs Dalia – Smother

  1. Excellent video, little Dalia is gorgeous and cute as noone else, I will move to accompany your videos. Marica is as wonderful as ever.

    Thanks also for not using blur in the video.

    1. Thank you Felipe! We all believe Dalia will be a star soon. No need to say anything about Marica. And about the blurring… did we miss anything when editing? 😉

  2. Now i know who is going to be the next fighting couple for my next custom…
    If only i had the money! :-C

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