SFD301 Marica vs Celeste – One sided

Money matters!

Celeste is angry at Marica for an old loan she never repaid, and decides to teach her a lesson.
And she goest straight to the point: devastating series of punches to the face and knees to the crotch and belly make Marica lose her confidence and her mouth bleed!

Marica reduced to a bloody mess

When the blond beauty fights back, she misses the target or her blows are blocked. How humiliating to be beaten by a smaller girl.
Celeste gets really violent and knees and kicks Marica to the face: she is on her knees, blood on her face and terror in her eyes!

Celeste doesn’t have enough

When you’ll see her straddling Marica, pinning her arms under her knees and starting to pund on her with her bare fists… you’ll wonder how far she will go today? There’s only one way to find out.

Duration: 22 min
Video price: Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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8 thoughts on “SFD301 Marica vs Celeste – One sided

  1. Hello.

    I am the person who ordered this custom. This is one of the 3 customs i ordered from SDF.
    Ironically the first being published was the last produced. Funny how things turn out.

    The plot is already descrived abocve so i’ll not go into that here.
    The video could be classified as a peril video, i suppose.
    The entire plot is about one girl, Celeste, giving a royal one sided beating to another, Marica, where the latter just receives punishment after punishment from a more dangerous and aggressive adversary.

    This video is the second of my customs that starred Marica (she had been before in another one made before).
    When she was chose for me second custom, which was her first for mine, i had chosen her mostly because of her looks, knowing full well that if she is a SDF girl she would do a good job good. But she surpassed all my wildest expectations. She was perfect.

    And Marica brings her expertise again in this custom. She was perfect again.
    Marica is everything i could ever hoped for a Fem Fight custom video performer. She is very easy on the eyes, but more importantly, she is a performer that doesn’t do anything half-measure. Her comitment to the role is 200%, beyond the call of duty.
    Marica performs not only exactly i had hoped and imagined, but she does it even better than i could imagine. It is as if Marcia could read my mind and said to herself “i can do better” and better she does. She is perfect. I am so glad i discovred her, i consider honoured she acepted to star in two of my customs, and if she so accepts, she will be in more future to come.
    I simply can’t praise Marica enough, that is what i’m trying to say. She does so well something not all that many girls in the Fem Fight business can, in what i could describe as follows: Marica loses beautifually. She makes a brutal defeat into pleasing aestetics. Pure entertainment alchemy.

    Celeste was the unknown comodity. I hadn’t yet buy any videos with her. I do not think she had even made a fist fight brawl choreographed fight befofre (she had done real boxing matches for the sister site IFW, however).
    I had no reason to worry (not that i was), Celeste was great too. I loved one acting choice she made in playing the part almost robotic like, as if she is the Terminator. Makes her a more formidable and intimidating danger to Marica. Ocasionally Celeste changes expressions from emotionless to a subtle smug smile, the character knowing she can do with Marica whatever she can. And what she has in mind for Marica is not nice!

    In the end, i was very pleased with the result, both girls acquitted very well, i’m very proud of their work in my little custom, and again i was remined why i am a fan of Marica.

    I sincerely hope you guys enjoy this video as i did.
    All the best to you guys and girls. Thank you.

      1. The least i could do as a thank you for publishing my little yet beautiful custom (the beauty is due to you guys good work).
        Can i hope to have the honour of seeing my other two customs be published as well? I can dream.

      2. Thank you Carlos! Yes that will happen sooner or later… there’s such an endless line of videos!

    1. Non un piccolo danno ma un grande colpo prolungato alla meravigliosa Marica.

      That was from google translate, i’m sorry if it is in terrible italian.

    1. We have over 100 videos in the pipeline, there could be some back and forth fist fight… Cannot confirm right now

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