SFD293 Ambra vs Anna – Belly to belly

Bellies at sunset

Both Ambra and the absolute newcomer Anna have perfect bellies and belly buttons, on fit and athletic bodies.

This sunset match starts with a long and hard fought test of strength with fingers interlocked and breast pushed against breast. Eventually, Ambra manages to have Anna flat on her back, and goes for a full body pin. However, a quick reversal and you will see the taller girl in a cross body pin on her opponent, counting her.

Breast on breast pins

The whole match is focused on pauseless belly to belly action, with both fighters applying as many holds as they can where their tanned and firm bellies are pushed into each other, and their full weight is used to pin the opponent for the count.

It gets competitive!

Lots of straddles, breast on breast contact, grapevine pins… and you’ll see that half into the match, even if the action is supposed to be scripted, it turns rather competitive: even hairpulling appears!

Very enjoyable, sexy match between two featherweight beauties, full of hand to hand combat, tests of strength and belly to belly action.

Duration: 19 min
Video price: Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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