SFD291 Viola Vs Lilu – Feet in face

Domination with feet

After a mercy test of strength, Lilu wins and attacks Viola with a nasty scissor followed by a figure four, but Viola fights back with the same and a beautiful reverse headscissor!
It’s a back and forth fight, that after a great double body scissor sees a foot choke by Viola! Lilu reacts with a pull-arm and places her foot on Viola’s face as an insulting revenge!

Sexy feet in action

From now on, it’s all about humiliating the opponent with foot action! You’ll get to see close ups of lot of foot action together with body presses, grapevines and surely more and more scissors and rear chokes. It’s an even match, but after Lilu traps Viola in a feet-on-face armbar combo, the petite Italian beauty gets totally pissed off and throws away her fishnet stockings… only to declare total war to a stunned Lilu.

One sided ending

Viola dominates with an endless series of foot holds, putting her small perfect soft soles on Lilu’s face, foot smothering her, humiliating her with a reverse head scissor which is very close to a face sit!
Any kind of legholds and humiliation for a helpless and beaten Lilu, unable to even fight back.
Not to mention the final victory pose… foot fans, this video is a must for all of you!

Duration: 26 min
Video price: Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 28,99 (2160p)

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