SFD285 Viola Vs Beatrice – Test Of Strength

An unusual situation

Viola and Beatrice are laying on a bed, chatting about this and that. Suddenly, Viola decides to challenge Beatrice to a steredown contest, where the first losing eye contact, or laughing, is declared the loser.

Arms and feet

Arm wrestling is the next contest, and things start to heat up during the 10 minutes long back and forth fight, where they test their arm strength against each other.
The girls then decide to compare their strength and agility practicing some yoga techniques, like the double sandwich, the double boat and else.
The girls decidde to remove their socks (and you will admire their beautiful feet from close distance), in order to toe-wrestle with both feet until the end of the video.

Duration: 25 min
Video price: Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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