SFD284 Andrea Vs Lara – Story

The extreme challenge!

Andrea launches a challenge to her hatred enemy Lara: the winner will be allowed to do whatever she wants to humiliate the loser!
Challenge accepted, the fight is on.

Fantastic wrestling action

Andrea’s top is far too small and will surely distract you throughout the video: maybe you will agree that it is alone worth the download!
The match is full of so many perfectly applied holds that once in a lifetime we’ll list them all: nasty front and reverse figure four head scissors, painful camel clutches, vicious hairpulling, full nelsons, plenty of back torture moves (includind an incredible torture rack), twisted arms… and even full force chest slaps, figure four leg locks, toe holds, biting, scorpion holds, and of course scissors and headlocks of any kind. And above all, the most spectacular flying scissor takedowns by Andrea!

The utmost humiliation

After almost 15 minutes of pauseless and spectacular wrestling, we have a winner. And she will force the loser into several painful holds, to make her submit again and again… admitting her defeat and begging for mercy. It’s an almost 10 minutes long humiliation that will leave the poor loser annihilated, her face buried into the winner’s ass cheeks!
Do it for the beauty pervading the video, do it for the countless fantastic holds showcased, do it for the suberb technical and athletic skills of the ladies, do it for the final breathtaking punishment the loser must suffer, but do yourself a favour and download this match, now!

Duration: 23 min
Video price: Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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25 thoughts on “SFD284 Andrea Vs Lara – Story

    1. Almost all competitive catfights on IFW have a final domination, and sponsors can ask for whatever they want. This kind of dom would be easily doable, it just depends on sponsors will.

      1. I wanted to say that the winner is allowed to do whatever she wants to the loser and she decides “live”, after the match how the humiliation will be and which punishment she’s going to give to the loser. No decisions taken before the match or by a sponsor.

      2. Yes in this video it is as you say. However, in general, if a sponsor wants to ask for some kind of humiliation / domination to take place after the match, this can always be discussed, as it happened several times.

  1. I believe it would be better if the blurring was no longer used in the videos, at least in the sfd videos.

      1. Ric, you are deceiving us. Andrea has always told that she is not willing to topless fight. Did she change idea?

      2. I really hope she does a topless fight, and that it was carried out as soon as possible. I would also like it to become more normal for other models, including models such as Ambra, Robi and the rest …

    1. Almost all are blurred out, as this is a non topless match, but Andrea’s top proved very unreliable. Don’t count on unblurred slips please.

      1. Purchased! Even though a fantastic nip slip (in the second minute) has been censured, it’s a great fight.
        Andrea is simply wonderful when she fights, she seems to dance. A topless fight would be a dream. Let’s hope that, as she says in her personal site, she will be brave … and fight topless

  2. Would love to see even more rear naked chokes being used, specially in M v F fights with Andrea… specially a knockout

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, well noted. Hopefully more clients will ask for rear naked chokes in the future when ordering their custom video!

  3. this was the sexiest fight for a long time ..
    It was Cake and cunnilingus day this Sunday .. did you wish to all girls good time ? ☺
    Hope for videos like this 🙂

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