SFD283 Ivy vs Lara – KO Smothers

Duration: 25 min
Price: €17,99 (720p) - €20,99 (1080p) - €25,99 (2160p)
  • Lara
  • age: 27
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 123lb

Hand over mouth match
Lara and Ivy are friends, chit chatting at home, in their sexy tank tops, no bra. Lara suggests to “try a new game” which turns out to be a hand smother and strangling match! Ivy takes the challenge, but what starts as a playful and fun friendly game on the bed, soon becomes a real fight.

The fight escalates
Ivy takes it very seriously and Lara is pissed off. The intensity grows and you will soon be watching a very aggressive HOM smothers and strangles fight between two fierce competitors, nothing friendly anymore!
The strong black girl is too much for Lara and dominates, forcing her to tap out more than once. But then, surprise! Lara’s fighting instinct emerges and she becomes a fury, the match is now a violent bout, Ivy is frightened and afraid for her life…

KO… with chloro!
Tons of hand over mouth chokes and strangles with several slow, spectacular KOs due to air deprivation and even with the use of chloform, and a pillow. Who will be the final winner, leaving the other a sleeping chloroformed beauty on the bed?

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