SFD282 Beatrice Vs Enrico – Mixed Wrestling

Duration: 26 min
Price: €19,99 (720p) - €23,99 (1080p) - €28,99 (2160p)

Scissor queen
Enrico accuses Bea to have crashed into his car in the gym’s parking, and after some trash talks a fight erupts!
Beatrice proves a true scissors queen, she doesn’t leave the much bigger guy the smallest chance, applying hold after hold.
And it’s a spectacular sequence of unbelievable, super tight figure fours, triangles, front and reverse head scissors… with lots of trash talking!

Chokes anyone?
Enrico spends most time with his face buried into her crotch, and his neck trapped by the thighs of his unstoppable opponent.
Her perfectly fit body, her strength, skills and agility completely annihilate the unlucky Enrico, adding some rear naked chokes to finish him off.

Foot humiliation
Beatrice is so cruel that she repeatedly twists his arm behind his back pushing up so hard, that she ends up injuring his shoulder. And the cruel tormentress not only has great fun seeing him suffer, she also adds insult to injury deciding to use her feet on his face and body to inflict further humiliation, leaving the big boy in tears.

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