SFD281 Bianca Vs Viola – Beating

Bianca, a tornado

Viola comes in and provokes the bigger Bianca. Not a good idea… the challenge is launched and a fight is on!
Bianca loses no time and slaps Viola in the face several times, then punches her in the belly, and Viola is down!
Bianca strangles the smaller beauty and slaps her for more pain. When Viola reacts, Bianca lets her try, but all her punches and slaps have zero effect on the stronger opponent.

Viola fights back?

The one sided beating continues, as Bianca keeps making fun of Viola, blocks her and pounds on her mercilessly.
Viola is totally destroyed by the powerful Bianca, even if she proudly takes all that punishment – and even has her shorts minutes of glory in the middle of the match.

Little Viola humiliated

When Bianca decides to have fun squeezing Viola in the tightest bearhugs, the stubborn victim flies across the mats like a feather. Her face is finally a bloody mess, while Bianca’s smirk says everything about how she enjoys beating her for good. Viola is rendered an helpless, limp, sexy body.
Victory pose for the winner on the KOed worthless opponent.

Duration: 31 min
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5 thoughts on “SFD281 Bianca Vs Viola – Beating

  1. Great fight. To be honest this makes me even more interested in a Marica vs Bianca battle. That would be such an amazing matchup. Personally, I think they’re the two hottest prospects right now since both of them have been looking extremely good with a couple of wins to their names and they deservedly need to fight. I know there’s veterans like Andrea, Lara, Sabrica etc. but I think Marica and Bianca are more hungry and are naturally very talented.
    The winner of that match would be the top wrestler in IFW/SFD in my opinion.

  2. don’t buy off these people I did & never got what I payed for they wont answer any of my emails so hope you have better luck than me shame I realy like there stuff

    1. 1. NO payment was ever received from you for this video (no money received, no dowload link sent). You last purchase dates back to Sept 2018.
      2. NO email to SFD was ever received from you on the subject
      So, I’ll leave you with a “no comment” from our side on your message. Goodbye.

  3. That was really good. She destroys her bloody. Please a woman beating a man one-sided more bloody. More head slams on wall and floor and serious face knees please. Thanks..

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