SFD280 Marica Vs Ezio – Mixed

Duration: 23 min
Price: €17,99 (720p) - €20,99 (1080p) - €25,99 (2160p)
  • Marica
  • age: 21
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb

The beauty and the beast
Marica and Ezio tangle in a super aggressive catfight.
He is a crazy, nasty aggressor and takes advantage of her long beautiful hair making them an easy target. Marica spends long time bent in half, victim of his aggression.
Marica uses her long legs in body and neck scissors and puts him in super tight headlocks and strangles to make him suffer in turn.

Marica defeated
As time passes, Marica starts to grow tired and he tortures her more and more holding her by the hair and walking her around for long time, jumping like a crazy man. Poor Marica, she cannot take any more punishment and can’t help but surrender to the lunatic Ezio. He poses on her exhausted body to ass insult to injury.
If you have a thing for hair… Marica has got something for you! If you don’t, well… Her fantastic body, especially in this bikini, makes the video worth a download!

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Karl - 03 May 2019
De gustibus non disputandum est. Anyway she is as hot as he is ugly, really a shame to see her lose. Have you already filmed some mixed with Luna? Possibly one in which she wins
Ric - 10 August 2019
Karl, I’ll skip the first part of your post about Ezio and just agree with you on Marica: she is always quite a joy for the eyes! Mixed with Luna: she made her debut in a competitive mixed match for IFW not long ago (not yet published)
Jerry - 01 May 2019
Marica is my favorite wrestler. She’s strong and beautiful. I would have bought this in a minute until I read that she loses the match. What’s up with that? Hopefully there will be more in the future with Marica.
Ric - 02 May 2019
Hi Jerry. The customer who ordered this custom decided this way, that’s why. There will be more with Marica for sure.
Seamus - 26 April 2019
So the man wins?! What pervert ordered this?
Ric - 27 April 2019
Yeah well, to each his own
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