SFD279 Andrea Vs Viola – Kiss My Foot

Nasty Viola dominates

A slutty Viola provokes Andrea, attacks her and demands that she apologizes. Andrea’s hand is crushed under Viola’s foot, then she is put in a long and terrific camel clutch to force her to surrender to her tormentor.
Andrea is finally dominated, and Viola rubs her perfect foot on her and wants Andrea to kiss it.

Kiss my foot match

But it’s not over, and a big fight finally erupts under the stipulation that the loser must kiss and lick the winner’s feet for good!
A long fingerlock test of strength, followed by a spectacular grapevine and breast smother combination! Then a camel clutch and the most perfectly execute figure four head scissor ever seen… it seems that one girl is now easily dominating the match.

Viola dominated

And it gets one sided indeed, with scissors, rear naked choke holds, back breakers… all shown in detail by an accurate editing and plenty of close ups of the holds.
A super sexy reverse figure four head scissors and a hand over mouth smother seem to put poor Viola out, trapped with her face inches from Andrea’s round ass for long time.
Andrea now toys with her, making fun of the former bitchy girl, now unable to fight back.

Viola licks feet

Viola is subdued with more holds and forced to beg for mercy several times, smothered by Andrea’s breasts, or her back bent in an unreal fashion.
And the final 6 minutes are endless for a sobbing Viola, posed on and forced to repeatedly kiss each of Andrea’s lovely feet, and finally – in tears – even made to lick her soles for the most terrible humiliation!

Duration: 27 min
Video price: Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 28,99 (2160p)

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