SFD266 Bianca vs Max – Mixed

Best ass?

Newcomer Bianca claims to have the best ass of all SFD! She also proves she knows how to wrestle dominating a much bigger guy, using spectacular scissor, triangles and figure four holds. As a final touch, she and humiliates him with her body and her words.

The fight

The match begins with an argument between Bianca and Max, and in no time the fight begins! A raging bianca assaults him, puts him in an endless series of scissors to his body, head and neck. She insults Max and demands him to say sorry and apologize, at all time.

Foot domination

Since Max doesn’t seem to agree, she uses her feet on his face too, adding insult to injury, showing how in control she is. Watch Bianca dominating him with her muscular, atheltic body. Bianca has him where she wants, and destroys Max hold after hold, including schoolgirl pins, chokes and more scissors, wearing him down.

Nasty Bianca!

After several perfect figure fours, poor Max is done and Bianca literally steps on his face! It’s over… he is totally helpless and forced to concede defeat. But she has something else in store for him, as the victory pose!
Who’s next, she’s already asking?

Duration: 22 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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4 thoughts on “SFD266 Bianca vs Max – Mixed

  1. Super hot match!! But I’d love to see more ballbusts like in Celeste VS Ruggero – even if they’re fake they’re super hot♥

  2. My god, what a specimen. This match was almost nowhere near competitive despite the size advantage that was there. Bianca looks like she’ll be the next SFD covergirl. She has outstanding beauty, physically superior, and very competitive and fierce. This combination will quickly take her to the top of the rankings, I feel that the rest of the SFD roster will struggle very much to challenge her, especially the smaller girls. She is also very cocky and confident, which she has every right to be, when you’re that good and you know it then you can say whatever you want. I felt that Marica had the most potential to become the best SFD wrestler but Bianca might’ve just taken that spot, would love to see a match between the two. Marica while more experienced has a disadvantage when it comes to the competitiveness area, Bianca is just relentless and hungry. I would have preferred that she’d worn a 2-piece in order to show off her muscular body (she looks like an athlete) but maybe next time.
    Move over SFD, looks like the new princess is in town!

  3. It is simply the best video in SFD and also in IFW. Bianca is super, at the moment undoubtedly the rising star of IFW, undoubtedly the sexiest of all and with legs as beautiful as deadly.
    If you want to buy a video and you’re undecided about which … well, this is it

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