SFD261 Celeste Vs Luna – Biting

Duration: 25 min
Price: €17,99 (720p) - €20,99 (1080p) - €25,99 (2160p)
  • Celeste
  • age: 22
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 99lb
  • Luna
  • age: 18
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 110lb

Biting galore
Making the opponent suffer as much as possible using teeth. Might sound a bit savage, and that’s exactly what this video is.
Luna and Celeste begin seated in front of each other, legs crossed, hugging… but there’s no love lost as each fighter is biting the other’s arm, shoulders and neck sinking her teeth in the opponent’s flesh.

Bite her ear off!
The second biting contest sees a mutual bearhug, again with wild biting. Celeste falls down face first and Luna is on her, just to bite her shoulders and neck even more. Luna teases her while inflicting as much punishment as she can!
Celeste suffers but then manages to fight back and payback is a bitch…

Sensual teeth domination
The two enemies keep fighting until one passes out, and is posed on… but unexpectedly, this is not the end!
The real winner will be allowed to play with her opponent’s limp body to establish her complete dominance.

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Phil - 30 June 2019
One of the Hottest Catfights I have seen here to date. Tight body to body belly belly action leg thigh locking and rolling. The only thing they did not do was a jaw lock. To make this sexier pretty hard, but add more clothes. Use plain bikinis white pink and put on a tight short dress and garters and heels, add in some ripping and rolling hair pulling and of course this biting. Voila a catfight classic is born. Also some real tight leg locking Hey maybe even a pit bull jaw lock Add in some fake blood You have a complete catfight sext fight meal Not sure why but in a true catfight the heels or shoes staying on at the beginning at least somehow add to the real fantasy aspect. Two hot office chicks get going :0
Ric - 30 June 2019
Thank you for your comment! Looks like you are ready to go on and commission your perfect custom video looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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