SFD259 Lara Vs Viola – Test Of Strength

Brave Viola

If you are a newcomer and first thing you do is challenging “the one in charge”… well, you are looking for trouble! Viola is a cute girl, with a body to die for and a super sexy attitude. She knows how to provoke Lara and drive her mad!

Staredown, and arm wrestling

After a long staredown, nose to nose, with lots of trash talking, the two fighters circle and show their muscles to each other. In the meanwhile tension grows… and it’s time for arm wrestling! Their faces show all the effort, their muscles bulge under the skin: it’s a long, dramatic challenge.
After much of a battle, Lara slams Viola’s arms down more than once, and wins! But there’s much more to come.

Tests of strength

After another long, intimidating stare down “lower your eyes and submit to me!”, watch them as they sexily strip down to underwear, with provocative looks and moves – and get ready for more tests of strength. An unusual back to back, crossed arms challenge, then some foot push-wrestling, and Lara as the winner is ready to humiliate Viola!

Surprise ending?

The brave newcomer doesn’t like Lara’s foot on her throat and reacts, taking everyone by surprise… the final terrific, excruciating mercy fight (fingerlock test of strength) brings the girls so close that they could kiss any time! Only at the very end you will know who is boss, and who is on her knees in front of her, posed on, forced to beg to be released and then run away. How humiliating!

Duration: 21 min
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