SFD249 Celeste Vs Gioia – Biting

Duration: 32 min
Price: €21,99 (720p) - €25,99 (1080p) - €30,99 (2160p)
  • Gioia
  • age: 26
  • height: 5'4''
  • weight: 112lb
  • Celeste
  • age: 24
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 99lb

No rules!
It’s a no holds barred fight, everything is allowed! The winner of each fall is entitled to torture the loser’s feet for 2 minutes after each fall.
After lots of trash talking, the match begins: scissors, hairpulling, much biting into each other’s earlobes, soft belly flesh and else!

Toe twisting torture
Gioia is almost eaten alive by Celeste, and rendered helpless… she finally passes out because of the pain. Celeste makes her come to and starts twisting and breaking her toes, one by one, for long minutes, forcing her to surrender.

Dramatic ending
This is just the first fall… the next gets even wilder and more violent!
In the end, one girl won’t even be able to stand and will be declared the loser, bursting out in tears, defeated and humiliated under the final victory pose.
As a side note: despite being non topless, there are several unblurred nip slips throughout the match.

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