SFD240 Marica Vs Dante – Mixed Wrestilng


Marica is absolutely gorgeous in her black bra, enlighting the perfect shape of her breast.
When she finds her ex working out in the gym, she decides it’s time to settle an old argument and teach him a lesson.

Marica’s legs

Her long legs are her best weapon in so many spectacular figure fours, perfect head scissors and tight rear naked chokes combined with body scissors.
Dante suffers, strangled, choked, dragged by the hair and tossed around, even kicked for more punishment.

Under her feet!

You’ll hear lots of trash talking from both, and see Marica throughly enjoying her vendetta on the cheater, forcing him to surrender several times, admitting his defeat. Furthermore, Marica enjoys humiliating him under her feet, making him regret cheating on her.
Leg fans should not miss this incredible performance of the stunning blond, in her best shape ever.

Duration: 22 min
Video price: Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 17,99 (720p)- Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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6 thoughts on “SFD240 Marica Vs Dante – Mixed Wrestilng

  1. More humiliation and domination after winning will make it more sexier and even better everything else was good considering she’s one of the most sexiest girl in the roster maybe surpassing andrea or maybe in the second place after her

  2. I haven’t had the chance to watch this match yet since I’ve been a little busy, but I can’t wait until I do. I will be leaving a substantial review if this match lives up to my expectations (since Marica is my favorite wrestler). I’ve been waiting for a match like this for a very long time, so let’s see how this goes haha

      1. Sounds good. I have no idea how this match plays out, avoiding spoilers at all costs.

  3. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is perhaps my favorite SFD/IFW wrestling matchup to date. In the confrontation before the match started, Marica did not seem very reasonable in her discussion with Dante and looked like she was set on turning this into a fight, whereas Dante looked like he was ok to discuss things. Unfortunately for Dante, there was no turning back since he was already in his wrestling gear and had warmed up, perfect timing for a match to go down between the two.

    Marica has a perfect body and it is one of the best in the SFD in my opinion, so it’s no surprise that she’s dominating most of her opponents, she works very hard to maintain her muscles and it shows. Marica was undeniable in this performance, her headscissors, figure 4 headscissors and general wrestling ability were the best I’ve seen from her to date. She seemed like she was in control the entire time and the level between them was very apparent after the first 5 minutes of action.
    Throughout the match she took only 1 breathing break I believe which is much better than her previous mixed matches, so there’s a huge improvement in her cardio as well.
    I LOVED the modified figure 4 headscissor at 12:04 where she tied up one of his hands behind her back and left only 1 hand for him to tapout if he chose to.

    Now, to some observations of the match.
    I wish Dante was able to put up a fight and challenge her a little bit. He had full energy at the beginning especially after he had just warmed up and should’ve been able to put her in an uncomfortable position. I know he was taken by surprise when she came out of nowhere and immediately began with a physical confrontation, but he should’ve taken the hint as soon as the fight started and made the best of his opportunity. Had he at least fought a little, he might’ve made her a little more hesitant in her approach and the whole outcome might’ve been different. Instead, Marica got so comfortable with the little threat that he was posing, she was able to fight with complete confidence throughout the entire match and was able to pretty much humiliate him (not just in wrestling, but playing around with him and not taking him seriously). Now his reputation in front of her has ruined after she completely dominated him.

    Marica is obviously very talented, but a couple things stood out for me. Aside from the scissors she was doing, she could have also used some reverse headscissors, which are probably stronger than normal headscissors and figure 4 ones. As well, normal wrestling holds would have also benefited her here such as boston crab or camel clutch since Dante was not moving very much at times.

    But all in all, an incredible match. If there is a sequel to this fight I will definetely look forward to it.

    1. Thank you for your detailed and very informative review! I think this will help others to decide whether to make the purchase or not, and also will help SFD improving even further. Keep following us 🙂

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