SFD235 Luna vs Celeste – Belly to Belly

Blond vs Brunette

Luna and Celeste are both young, beautiful, slender. One is blond, the other brunette. They share an innocent smile and hot temper.

Breast pins breast!

Today’s match has special rules: it’s a belly to belly body press match where each time a girl is pinned the other down, seconds are counted. The more seconds win the match.
As a consequence Luna and Celeste wrestle in order to climb on top of the opponent, lower their breast into the other’s keeping her nailed to the mats. Bellies are firmly pressed into each other and often a grapevine position with the legs secures the hold.
You will see long and sexy pins, with a lot of body contact and great effort to keep the other down, or to try and break free.

Forced to give up

The young fighter show a great deal of aggressiveness and several full body pins, cross body pins, grapevines which will determine a clear winner and a exhausted, frustraded, helpless loser who will be taunted and forced to declare her surrender. And of course to suffer the final victory pose.

Duration: 22 min
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3 thoughts on “SFD235 Luna vs Celeste – Belly to Belly

  1. I was for the Brunette, because Blue is my favourite Colour. I also really like her pale skin. Unfortunately she lost. Good Outfits. Topless would be even better.

  2. If you think Luna was great in this, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Can’t wait to see my custom published for the fans’ pleasure.

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