SFD234 Andrea vs Luna – Test Of Strength


Newcomer Luna dares to challenge the veteran Andrea to a test of strength match for her debut on SFD. Luna is cocky, self confident and aggressive in her pink, sexy underwear.

Who’s stronger?

The fingerlock test of strength sees Luna humiliate Andrea, ending up helplessly flat on her back. The following double bearhug contest, their bodies pressed on each other, is more an even challenge. Leg wrestling and double bodyscissor (with lots of feet and soles close ups) will determine the winner.


You’ll finally see one girl beated and punished in a choking figure four head scissor. Lesson learned?

Duration: 20 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD234 Andrea vs Luna – Test Of Strength

  1. WOW YEAH!!! I can’t wait to see her vs Venere or Marica !!
    BTW can you add toelocking feet to test who done first !!

    1. I agree they should add that test of
      Strength with 2 other female wrestlers who are same size who compete and argue over who’s are bigger and stronger … I’d pay for that To happen if the owner reads this

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