SFD231 Andrea Vs Sabrina – Test Of Strength

Who’s stronger?

Sabrina and Andrea are circling and exchanging opinion on who’s stronger. What is better than a test of strength to prove it?
They start with an unusual hand vs hand, palm vs palm, test of strength… which slowly turns into the longest, most intense mercy fight, their fingers interlocked. Sabrina manages to bend Andrea’s wrists backwards, and has her donw on her knees! But it’s not over yet…

Feet wrestling

The second part sees the girls sexily teasing each other’s feet, which ends up in a foot wrestling challenge!
They sit back to the wall, and push their soles into each other, trying to force the opponent to give up.


After the challenge it seems they really enjoy teasing each other’s feet, and are ready for more strength contests, next time! Then they went showering together…

Duration: 20 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD231 Andrea Vs Sabrina – Test Of Strength

      1. She has light coloured highlights in this video. Well, where i came from, light brown hair is considered blonde, anyway.

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