SFD230 Gioia vs Alessandro – Mixed

Bully gets beaten

Alessandro used to bully Gioia time ago, now she has become a martial artist and is is back to take her revenge!
Gioia is really pissed off, she uses her legs on him and taunts Ale while his head is squeezed between Gioia’s thighs, his face pushed against her crotch!

Dominant Gioia

She is so aggressive and confident, that he is almost afraid of her. There’s Lots of trash talking and taunting throughout the match, as Gioia doesn’t leave a chance to him and enjoys every moment of it. Her fantastic figure four head scissors are her favorite weapon to cut his breath.

Forced to beg

Alessandro is punished and humilated under Gioia’s perfect feet, she loves to have his throat under her foot and pull his arms choking him and laughing at him, slowly forcing him to surrender several times.

You’ll see the former bully begging for mercy countless times, with Gioia enjoying every second of it!
If a one sided mixed domination with plenty of closeups of Gioia’s fantastic toes and soles is your thing, just go on and downoad this video.

Duration: 22 min
Video price: Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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2 thoughts on “SFD230 Gioia vs Alessandro – Mixed

    1. No, Gioia non è più nel gruppo ma i video vengono pubblicati tempo dopo che sono stati realizzati.

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