SFD225 Ivy Vs Noemi – Smother

Black vs blond

Ivy the black beauty vs the new blond SFD star, nasty Noemi, in a smother and scissor double fight. Striking contrast in their looks and it’s immediately quite obvious they don’t like each other, at all!
The long and intense staredown is full of promising energy… fight is in the air, and indeed soon the fight begins.

Breast smother galore

Grapevines and breast smothers are for sure the most used technique in the first half of today’s match! Ivy has a clear advantage from nature, however Noemi has a super athletic body to figth back.
An even match, breasts pushed into face, legs spread as wide as they can go.
A dominant winner goes for her victory pose.

Scissor match

The second part is a scissors only match, and here Noemi has a good chance to use her skills and agility against the heavier opponent.
However, when she gest trapped in Ivy’s legs, it’s sure trouble! A spectacular, uninterrupted struggle to put the perfect scissor on the other wrestler, some submissions, and a clear winner.
Of course the victory pose won’t be missed.

A special point of view

Perfect camera angles let you have a special point of view on this sexy confrontation, with several cruel submissions and some wardrobe malfunctions too, for you to enjoy!

Duration: 25 min
Video price: Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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