SFD221 Andrea vs Sabrina – Boxe

Not for the faint harted

Violence, rage, pain, blood, screaming, tears, hatred, cruelty make a striking contrast with the soft colours and of their delicate looks. Andrea and Sabrina are two rival ballerinas who meet in a matted room in order to settle their arguments once for all.
The staredown is long and – literally – nose vs nose, forehead vs forehead. You will hear Andrea issueing her challenge, Sabrina switching into fight mode, and the fight begins.

Fist fight

They carefully circle each other and start exchanging terrific, hard, cracking punches to the face, then Andrea goes for a low blow, grounding Sabrina with a sudden punch to her guts. Then she goes for her mouth, with her bare fist.
You will see traces of blood start to appear at the side of Sabrina’s mouth.

Strangling, and low blows

After some fist fighting, the wild ballerinas switch to some mat wrestling, straddling each other in turn and savagely punching each other faces and bellies. They even try to repeatedly strangle each other to death each time they see the chance. Not to mention the knees to the crotch and more low blows.

Finishing move

A deadly uppercut will finally KO one of the ballerinas, only to be finished with such a violent and almost disturbing move which won’t be revealed here. A victory pose on the unconscious body ends the match. The loser is stripped of her ballet flats, becoming a trophy for the winner.

Duration: 27 min
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7 thoughts on “SFD221 Andrea vs Sabrina – Boxe

  1. I wish you to use leather leggings next time in deadly fight scene with blood and violence. Me and a couple of my friends will buy it

    1. Buonasera. I video in questo sito sono tutti custom, quindi quello che pubblichiamo è quello che i clienti ci hanno chiesto di produrre per loro.

    1. Thank you. Our girls know how to fight for real, are trained to do so… and when they need to fake it, this is the result 🙂

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