SFD217 Celeste vs Gioia – Catfight

SFD217 Celeste vs Gioia – Catfight. Part 1

The Gallic duel

Celeste and Gioia are back for more fighting: see them reading their text messages to each other, launching accusations and issueing a new challenge – according to the “Old Gallic Women style”!

After an intense nose to nose staredown and more threatens and trash talking exchanged in an unusual sweet and ironic way, the fight begins.

Extreme catfight

The girls prepare to fight in sexy red bikinis, nastily pinching each other’s ass, then moving to a terrific hairpulling contest, rolling on the mats.
Then they start the “Barbaric” contest with shoulder-biting, followed by an unusual “elbow hold” where salt will be forced into the open wounds.

Surprise ending

Before the next even more unique challenge starts, both contenders are requested to take off their tops…

Duration: 16 min
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SFD217 Celeste vs Gioia – Catfight. Part 2

Nipple torture

Celeste and Gioia lay down, head to head, and reach out to each other’s nipples, mercilessly twisting and pinching them. After that, they are forced to hug, cheek to cheek, pressing their breast into each other’s and then a “body pinching” challenge begins!
Last but not least, a 3 minutes topless no holds barred kind of match starts! The loser, shaking and sobbing in tears, will be posed on and humiliated by a gloating winner.

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Duration 9 min
Video price: Euro 14,99 (720p) – Euro 17,99 (1080p) – Euro 22,99 (2160p)


4 thoughts on “SFD217 Celeste vs Gioia – Catfight

  1. Wonderful video. I only hope to see more girls of ifw/sfd on topless fights soon.

    PS: A naked ending would be great.

    1. Thank you. What we do mostly depends on what people ask and pay for, and what the girls are available to do. So we will see how both combine. Naked ending? Well… that sounds like something we don’t have in our plans, sorry.

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