SFD216 Lara vs Sabrina – One sided

Unfair match

Sabrina is sitting on the mats trying to recover, tired after suffering a terrible defeat. When Lara enters the room, she immediately sees the opportunity to subdue her with little effort.
Lara ties Sabrina’s wrists with a rope and walks her around by her hair, just to start: poor Sabrina is already helpless at her mercy.

Back breakers and belly punching

You will see Lara sadistically combining back breaking techniques with lots of belly punching, and Sabrina is already in tears.
Then she traps her in a long, vcious rear naked choke, and starts breaking her mind too… she slams her into the wall and strangles her for long minutes, almost making her pass out.
Lara lifts Sbarina on her shoulders and carries her around in a display of pure power, bending her neck painfully: Sabrina screams in pain!
But Lara is not yet happy and goes for a terrific, endless camel clutch on the destroyed opponent.

Sabrina humiliated

More back torture moves, including a spectacular hangman hold, followed by a devastating bearhug and a sequence of punches to the belly will end the match. Sabrina makes terrible sounds, suffering a severe beating without even standing a chance to fight back.
Lara now poses her foot on Sabrina’s throat making her beg, for the last humiliating touch. The nightmare is finally over.

Duration: 24 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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5 thoughts on “SFD216 Lara vs Sabrina – One sided

    1. Quasi tutti i custom escono sul sito prima o poi, se i contenuti sono pubblicabili. In genere 3-6 mesi dopo la realizzazione.

      1. Certo, ad esempio video per cui il cliente ha acquistato l’esclusivo diritto a godere del prodotto, per cui non è rivendibile. Oppure perchè contengono scene non compatibili con la pubblicazione (i video della categoria Fake Blood rappresentano il limite in questo senso).

  1. Rispetto agli ultimi video della categoria “beating” questo inizia ad essere più interessante…stavano cominciando ad essere monotoni altrimenti…il mio preferito della categoria rimane il video “SFD078 Ambra vs Giorgia”. Però Sabrina è veramente bella!!! ❤

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