SFD214 Lara & Gioia vs Dante – Mixed


Mixed wrestling at best

Lara is wrestling Dante in an aggressive and even match: her skill vs his muscles. Watch her fabulous reverse figure four head scissors, shoving his face up between her thighs! Surely her tight headlocks and rear choke holds are dangerous, but he is strong enough to lift her body and throw her to the mats in a second! Not to mention what Lara’s head scissors feel like…
In 8 minutes or so, Lara takes the lead and has Dante in high schoolgirl pin: he is done, and the endless one sided domination begins!

Feet to face

As a matter of fact, Lara loves to humiliate men, and she begins using her feet pushed into his face and neck, or foot choke him, to add insult to injury.
An helpless Dante is walked around on his knees, kicked, put in the most painful holds.

Gioia joins the party

And that’s when Gioia steps in, to have some fun with him, with more holds and pityless foot based torture. As a consequence it’s now a 2 vs 1 Dante’s destruction: the two wrestlers apply any imaginable hold on him, adding a good deal of foot action, for their and your enjoyment.
It goes without saying he ends up posed on, their feet on his face and head, rendered almost unconscious.

Duration: 22 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD214 Lara & Gioia vs Dante – Mixed

  1. Nice Take down in the beginning. I like both Bikinis. Some Facesitting would be nice, better than Foot in the Face.

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