SFD211 Mia vs Marica & Noemi vs Lara

Facesitting & Smother Tournament Part 3

Today the winner of the tournament will be decided. Who is the queen of facesitting? Who is the best at smothering or choking her opponents?

Mia vs Marica

The struggle is even, none of the wrestlers seems to prevail. However at some point the girls start showing their best moves, and take turn in trapping the other in inescapable holds. Marica proves to master the wider range of smothering holds, and wins! That’s why she deserves to tease Mia with a foot on face victory pose which leaves the smaller girl totally humiliated.

Noemi vs Lara

Surely Lara thinks she will easily wipe the floor with the blond newcomer. But Noemi has different thoughts and show great personality. Interesting and even match, where you will see both giving their 100% in order to force the other down and smother or choke her somehow. The final and perfectly executed facesitting, is probably the perfect hold to win the match!

Final match

Two girls share the 1st place so we need a tie break, which won’t be revealed here… but no doubt you will love it, as much as the final “side facesitting” victory pose!

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