SFD210 Mia vs Lara & Marica vs Noemi

Facesitting & Smother Tournament Part 2

Sitting on the opponent’s face or pushing their breast on it in order to cut their air off, choking them and force them to submit. This is how it works! Following SFD109, this video showcases 2 more breathtaking matches.

Mia vs Lara

Mia loves to catch the opponent in a grapevine and so she does with Lara, however she must not forget how much Lara loves to facesit her foes.
As a consequence, the match is a continuous exchange of terrific smothering holds. Surely Lara likes to prolong her full weight facesitting holds much longer than it is necessary, but Mia repays her with the same. It’s head to head until the last second!

Marica vs Noemi

A blond vs blond challenge, where Marica decides it’s time to show us the most outstanding reverse breast smother ever, and she has the proper assets for that! Consequently Noemi is forced to beg in order to breath again.
However, Noemi’s strong personality calls for vendetta – and here it comes, her facesitting (should we call it mouth sitting maybe?) is definitely nasty and the reverse head scissor which follows won’t go unnoticed. Furthermore, she doesn’t even let Marica up, and sits on her face once again proving what a badass she is. But someone starts to play dirty now and the outcome of the match becomes unpredictable! A degrading victory pose is not missing.

Duration: 22 min
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