SFD209 Mia vs Noemi & Lara vs Marica


Facesitting and breast smothers

That’s how our fabulous wrestlers are supposed to submit their opponents to win this tournament made of 6 matches of 8 minutes each. Especially relevant how they like to keep their winning holds long after the opponent has given up, to further humiliate her!

Mia vs Noemi

Mia welcomes the new girl Noemi in the first match pinning her with a terrific grapevine plus breast smother combination. However, Noemi proves to be hard to die, and her reaction is impressive. Furthermore, she shows how much she loves facesitting her opponents with her firm round ass. Amazing debut!

Watch the winner posing, as she rubs it in on a furious, humilated loser.

Marica vs Lara

Lara’s aggressiveness seems to intimidate the statuesque Marica, however she doesn’t lose focus and soon learns how to use her ample breasts on her.

As a result, Lara is pissed off and answers with her patented reverse figure four, pushing her opponent’s face against her ass. And this is a true masterpiece, making Marica beg to be released. Domination ensues! You will witness and enjoy the longest and most humiliating full weight forward facesit smother ever. Followed by its reverse twin! And you know how cruel and dominant Lara can be…

Duration: 22 min
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3 thoughts on “SFD209 Mia vs Noemi & Lara vs Marica

    1. Hi Zaid. As the great majority of SFD videos, it is scripted – even if the girls fight semicompetitively and the outcome is very realistic.

  1. I loved how rough Lara was with the incredibly sexy, young Marica. Marica is such a babe and it’s always amazing to see her struggle in a good catfight. Highly recommend.

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