SFD206 Andrea vs Ruggero – Mixed


Andrea and Ruggero stand in front of each other eyes into eyes. The big man towers on the Italian beauty, and he is also well over twice her weight “I like submitting small girls”. Nevertheless, she is brave enough to issue a challenge, and they soon start a fight.

Pro wrestling style

Andrea uses typical pro wrestling style techniques, and her forearms to his face and upper torso follow one another. She adds terrific series of knees to his belly, perfectly executed and painful. Ruggero is slapped too, and punched in the belly, while Andrea delivers a one sided beatdown… but when Ruggero can find the opening to fight back, Andrea feels his strength and is squeezed in a bearhug.

Countless hits

Andrea delivers literally hundreds of hits during the match, Ruggero barely able to stand most of the time. You’ll see her making fun of him while punishing the big man throughout the video.
When his head is driven into the wall, he goes down only to be stomped, kicked and wildly punched. Countless elbow drops add another pro-wrestling touch to Andrea’s outstanding, realistic performance!
Left unconscious and posed on, Ruggero is finally humiliated by Andrea. Short interviews close the video.

Duration: 21 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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4 thoughts on “SFD206 Andrea vs Ruggero – Mixed

  1. It is necessary that the woman sits on top of the man and starts hitting him in the face until he is unconscious! I would give you a 10 in these mixed fist fights!

  2. Can you do a fight between girl and man, where man wins her ? It’s pretty annoying to see every time as a girl kicks his ass. Can u do it reversely? And especially in dresses. Please apply new segments ))

    1. Hi Beka. Sure that can be done, however there have been zero requests for such a custom video. The day somebody will pay for it, we will do it, not a problem at all! Anyway, if you are interested in mixed wrestling matches where the guy wins, please check IFW website where we have several REAL competitive mixed wrestling videos, and sometimes the guy wins.

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