SFD205 Stella vs Isabella – Lift and Carry

Tiny Isabella is talking bullshit about Stella… not realizing that she’s in the room, standing behind her. What a bad mistake! A shaking, terrified Isabella is forced to undress and then punished by the strong amazon Stella.
Lots of lifting and carrying around the room, Isabella is completely helpless, without even trying to resist Stella’s superior power and physical strength.
Isabella cries in pain after the first scissor and almost passes out, as fragile as she is. But Stella likes to carry her around in several ways, easily lifting her over her shoulders.
Isabella is helpless, and Stella enjoys her dominance putting her in a few painful wrestling holds like a spectacular over the knee back breaker, several bearhugs, strangles and a foot choke! Always demonstrating her total control and effortlessly carrying Isabella around at will after each and every hold.
Not to mention a super sexy standing breast smother, the small Isabella forced back to the wall! Guess how Stella will teach her to shut up in the end?
A great performance by both girls, a must-have for all lift and carry fans!

Duration: 19 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD205 Stella vs Isabella – Lift and Carry

  1. Stella is so strong but I would really have liked seeing her carry her opponent around over her shoulder and in a fireman’s carry for a lot longer.

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