SFD204 The Movie: Lara vs Serena – Spy Story

This is a 50 minutes film, much more than just a video.

Natasha (Serena) is a spy, just back home after a mission. She is exhausted and her plans are to relax and rest before the next job. However, Jane (Lara), who is a bitter rival of Natasha, has other plans: she is coming to her place to challenge and kill her once for all!

Natasha is warned by her boss that Jane is coming, and she changes in her super sexy bikini, which highlights her perfectly fit body, and starts to warm up, getting ready for the fight. Surely, Jane sneaks in, in her total black spy-outfit. She undresses to her matching black underwear, and the fight between the blond and dark beauties begins!

The two stunning girls wrestle with scissors, fingerlock tests of strength, strangles, chokes, grapevines, headlocks, back breakers and else. Their bodies move from the floor to the bed, each in turn leading and suffering. No way I am going to reveal the surprising finale, which follows an incredible series of bearhugs and spectacular back breaking holds!

This was probably the most demanding custom production ever shot at SFD, but the result is an outstanding film which is worth watching from the beginning to the end, thanks to Serena and Lara skill and beauty, the director’s great care and vision, and the whole crew’s commitment during the 2 days of shooting.

Duration: 50 min
Video price: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 39,99 (2160p)
EU residents please note that local VAT will be added to your purchase according to the most recent EU regulations.

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2 thoughts on “SFD204 The Movie: Lara vs Serena – Spy Story

  1. I loved the idea of a spy vs spy black haired dark skinned beauty vs a fair skinned, blonde haired hottie and this film certainly delivered there. The acting was pretty good. The wrestling was decent but I wonder if rolling around in a carpeted living room with more space would have been easier and better?
    A few critiques would be ..a spy sneaking around in stiletto high heals is not sexy haha! Id rather see her dressed in business attire in high heals or sneakers dressed as a spy! Also when the girls circled each other is was sexy but went on for way too long.

    I’d have LOVED to see more submission holds specially Lara camel clutching Serena! Not big on the kill theme but I guess it was a custom film.

    All and all Im happy with the purchase. The actresses are super hot and sexy and the theme was interesting, entertaining and again sexy. I really liked the length of the film, 50mins! It was a great price for the entertainment value and length.

    1. Hi and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. All the videos here on SFD are custom videos, no exception, and this time the script was extremely detailed – so everything you see in the film was requested by the client commissioning the custom. Thank you for showing appreciation, it took a whole day to shoot the film and it was well worth it in the end! Serena and Lara are also super… cheers!

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