SFD201 Andrea vs Angelica – Beating

Hatred rivalry

Angelica is obviously enraged and furious with Andrea: she violently pushes her, full of hatred staring into her eyes.
The first punch to Andrea’s jaw shows what Angelica has in mind: she definitely wants to beat her rival into a bloody mess, and it soon looks like she is loving it, smiling evily at every hit.

Pure violence

Her punches are so strong that send Andrea’s head back, her hair flying, almost losing her balance and close to falling to the mats.
It’s a massacre: Andrea is flinged into a wall and punched, kneed in the belly several times… but surprisingly, she reacts! And turns tables, delivering the same punishment to Angelica, adding a few terrific, never seen before, open handed slaps!
The fight continues with increasing violence and nastyness, blue eyes and bloody noses. They relentlessly keep pounding on each other: a two handed strangles almost renders one of the wrestlers unconscious. Then side kicks, knees, punches in the belly and face, and even more slaps!

An exhausted winner

The two fighters can barely stand on their legs when finally, the last blow is delivered, and you will see the loser going down and limp for the final KO. An outworn, battered winner poses, her foot on the unconscious beaten foe’s neck to celebrate.
If you are into a nasty, mercyless, realistically violent fight, you cannot avoid checking this match out.

Duration: 22 min
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9 thoughts on “SFD201 Andrea vs Angelica – Beating

    1. Fem fist fights with KOs are the best. It’s unortunate they are such a rare thing to find on the net. Usually most fem fights are skull numbing boring overextended wrestling or prolonged belly punching sessions, both of which baffle me why they are so popular and make for 99% of all fem fights found online. People have weird ass preferences!!

      So, everytime i find a proper fem fist fight online like this, i applaude. I wish they were much more common.

  1. Oi gostei muito de ver as moças lutando achei amais bonita e aloira de biquini vermelho elas lutaram muito bem, em lutas de mulheres tem que ser assim com chutes na cara e na barriga se eu estivesse ai pegaria a moça de de sutiã vermelho e levantaria ela e seguraria ela e mandaria a outra bater mais ainda e gostei também que depois que a moça de sutiã vermelho pisou em cima dela faltou golpes faltou chaves de perna pegar a outra pelos cabelos e pisar com força no estômago da outra.

    1. Thank you Fabio for appreciating our videos. If you could use English, next time, that would be appreciated.

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