SFD200 Andrea vs Serena – Beating

Perfect body gets beaten

Serena’s body is the closest thing to perfection you can think of, but don’t say that to Andrea! Surely she can’t stand her competitors, and will be even happier to beat her up for good, without mercy. Since the initial warm up, Andrea is intimidating and threatening, and you will clearly see how Serena is quite obviously afraid of her.

Punching Serena

Andrea doesn’t waste time, and immediately starts the destruction of her sexy opponent, with a series of terrific punches to her jaw. As a result, Serena is frozen, terrified… she cannot even show a small sign of reaction.

Furthermore, when Serena finally throws a few punches to Andrea, she only gets a laughter in response, to add insult to injury. In addition, there’s a harsh reaction, with an impressive, powerful punch sending her to ground in tears.

Her nose bleeding, her eye black, Serena is ready to take even more punishment, as a belly punching sequence is on the way! Andrea shows no mercy, jealous of the crystalline beauty of her weak opponent, who just can’t fight.

Destruction completed

Andrea proceeds kneeing Serena’s flat belly, kicking her legs, slapping her face… causing her eyebrow to split open. In addition, the mean Andrea kicks her victim when down, then wraps her fist for more savage, devastating face punching. As a consequence, the poor Serena is reduced into a crying, helpless, bloody mess.

Serena’s humiliation includes being walked around by her blond hair more than once. Andrea also taunts and verbally abuses her all the time, and of course love to make her cry warm tears of desperation.

The final scene you will witness is Andrea sitting, her ass on Serena’s head, ready to deliver the final blow. And it’s a painful surprise!

Duration: 28 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD200 Andrea vs Serena – Beating

  1. I would like to see a rematch with Serena having trained for months beforehand. She did get a few licks in, but feels embarrassed at having taking such a horrific beating. The outcome may be the same as before, but Serena is confident she can take Andrea with her training in another beating match.

    1. Serena is not anymore available… sorry! However her “sister” Marica could step in and try to avenge her? 🙂 Just saying…

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