SFD197 Andrea vs Angelica – Back Torture

That top!

Andrea sports a camouflage bikini which barely hides her generous breast during the match.
On top of that, Angelica is in her cruel and mean version today: she attacks and devastates Andrea’s back, choking and strangling her at the same time.
A specatcular camel clutch bends her in half, Angelica enjoying it all!

Andrea’s comeback

However, when Angelica loses her concentration Andrea seizes the opportunity and starts taking her revenge concentrating on her opponent’s legs and back.
You get to see both girls abs and perfectly flat belly stretched and exposed in turn, close ups of their faces crying in pain, or grinning in amusement while dishing out punishment.

Broken back

Tears are shed, when one girl’s back cannot take any more and all she can do is begging for mercy, but her cries go unheard. The poor loser is even forced to admit her defeat, and is left crying on the mats.
Superb back-torture match!

Duration: 20 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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5 thoughts on “SFD197 Andrea vs Angelica – Back Torture

  1. A belly 2 Belly match between Andrea and Robi or Stella would be great. I don’t think these 3 have ever did this type of match with each other.

  2. Great fight. I can imagine a fight with Andrea wearing a micro bikini, would be wonderful.

    1. Thank you Felipe. I’m afraid Andrea needs a *huge* gratification to wear such a micro bikini in a video…

  3. Great match highlighting the back stretching holds well. Both ladies sold the action perfectly and made the fantasy believable. The camera work and edits were perfection. Whenever a video highlighting pro submissions is offered it becomes a “must-buy”….5/6 per year like this should help me avoid bankruptcy …..any more and…?????

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