SFD196 Marica Vs Angelica – Test Of Strength

Beauty and strength

Blond vs brunette. Bodies to die for and angel faces. Angelica and Marica warm up looking into each other’s eyes, and the great challenge begins: “may the better girl win!”.
Eyes in eyes at all times, in what looks like an uninterrupted stare down, a terrific fingerlock test of strength comes first. Then a long, incredible arm wrestling match, and still the girls cannot decide who is stronger.

Breast vs breast

A bearhug challenge follows: breast pushed hard into breast, arms tightened to squeeze the breath out of the opponent’s lungs… each fighter lifts the other in turn, to wear her resistance down.
It’s a battle of strength and beauty, you won’t be able to take your look away from their fantastic bodies in this pure muscular confrontation!

Double scissor and leg wrestling

Marica is screaming for pain, her midsection squeezed between Angelica’s fit legs. Is she going to resist the pressure or is this the end for her?
Are a couple more leg wrestling matches enough to decide who is stronger?
What a fantastic display of strength and beauty here today… not to be missed!

Duration: 17 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD196 Marica Vs Angelica – Test Of Strength

  1. I would die to see Marica in a mixed match. I can’t sponsor but I would buy the video. She is so hot.

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