SFD194 Nadia Vs Matteo – Mixed

Russian fury

We already knew that Nadia is a relentless fury, but today she is even nastier. Her goal is to crush the much bigger but inexperienced Matteo. Nadia uses her legs to block and force him to submit with scissors, figure fours, grapevine pins. She traps him in terrific headlocks, strangles him, doesn’t leave him the time to think. No pause, no rest, no mercy.

Matteo is no match

Surely Matteo has muscles on his side, but her agility, speed and skills leave only a few moments of glory to him. Nadia shows no mercy and just keeps fighting at her best from the first second to the last: she is a war machine!

18-0 speaks for itself!

After countless submissions, some of the most beautiful figure four headscissors ever, and the worst humiliation of his life, Matteo lays beaten on the mats under Nadia’s foot. All his efforts to counter attack have been neutralized. Nadia poses over him, and says “I’d like to have more fun with him, but I’m not sure he’d be available”. I bet he wouldn’t!

Duration: 20 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)

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