SFD190 Lara vs Celeste – Breast Attack

“I’ll destroy your tits!” Sounds like a promise! Lara and Celeste have an argument over a guy, in no time the challenge is up: no holds barred fight! What you will see then, in no particular order:
Lara sneaking under Celeste’s top and squeezing her breast, twisting her nipples, slapping her tits!
Celeste strangling Lara with her full weight on a leg, and belly punching her savagely.
Lara exposing helpless Celeste’s belly and breast on a back breaker, for even longer and more intense tits mauling.
Celeste cheating in a fingerlock test of strength and catching Lara in a deadly scissors almost choking her.
A unique “laying double choke challenge”.
Lara grabbing Celeste’s hair making her cry in pain!
Celeste hairpulled, sent head first into the wall, sat on, scissored, put into painful body triangles, choked, kicked, stomped… her back tortured.
Celested forced on her knees, totally humiliated and made to beg sobbing and shaking in tears.
Lara face punched and then belly punched with no mercy, her back pushed to the wall, and then punched again on her broken rib! Celeste sitting and bouncing her ass on Lara’s wounded body, until she admits her defeat!
And no, you won’t miss a single bit of all the tremendous action, as the close ups are amazing, until the last super victory pose.

Duration: 34 min
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10 thoughts on “SFD190 Lara vs Celeste – Breast Attack

    1. No deliberate topless on SFD… only some nip slips every now and then! Like in the video with Sara Esse to be released today where she has been very generous! 😉

      1. Hi. Exposed = made vulnerable and easy to attack, as it happens when Celeste’s body is arched on Lara’s knee. There is no topless on SFD (apart some “slips” here and there…)

    1. I’m afraid Robi would not be available for that… At the moment she’s not available at all.
      What about trying and asking some other SFD girl for the same?

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