SFD189 Angelica vs Celeste -Belly To Belly

Bridge out!

Celeste and Angelica face off in an unusual kind of match. Lots of belly and full body presses, with the girl being pinned trying anything to bridge out.
As a consequence, you get to see a lot of belly against belly, crotch pressed on crotch, tits on tits. Surely, the stronger girl would pin the weaker using all her assests, the one on the bottom trying her best to bridge out!

Raised legs pins

That’s what comes next! A sort of a matchbook pin, adjusted in order to prevent the opponent to lift her back from the mats. There’s a lot of crotch on crotch action here, sexy and humiliating for the girl forced to take it. Angelica and Celeste also scissor each other time to time.

Devil is in detail

The action is sexy, slow and pauseless. Most noteworthy, their moans and grunts tell the effort and the commitment to winning of both wrestlers!
Our camera operators know how important is to catch the detail, so will enjoy many close ups of the action, bodies and faces.


Duration: 25 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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