SFD188 Marica vs Venere – Lift and Carry

Amazon Venere’s attitude

Marica disobeyed Amazon Venere’s orders and defied her authority. As a result, Venere is extremely angry and summons Marica to punish her once for all. Her behaviour is so intimidating that Marica can’t even hold her gaze, and keeps her eyes low.

Marica’s lift and carry humiliation begins

Finally, Venere moves on and forces her to strip to her underwear exposing a perfect body, and the lift and carry plus wrestling domination begins.

The taller and stronger amazon proves her superiority repeatedly humiliating her victim. In fact, Marica is forced to walk past Venere on her knees, looking up at her. Soon after, you will see Venere pinning Marica and slapping her, then lifting her in tight bearhugs, Marica’s feet desperately kicking the air.

And she is already sobbing, crying, suffering! Only to be tortured further by Venere with painful wrestlimg moves like head and body scissors, humiliating school girl pins, immobilizing chokes and headlocks.

Venere has Marica on her knees!

As a consequence, Marica feels totally overpowered and defeated by her stronger opponent. Watch how Venere now fireman lifts her, cradle lifts and carries her about the room, then lifts her over she shoulder and finally in a piggyback ride.

In the end, Marica must go to her knees and beg, but it’s not over yet; what else does Venere have in store to complete the punishment of the insolent subordinate?

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  1. Another wonderful female female lift and carry vid! Please continue producing female female carry videos. I’ll buy ’em all!

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