SFD185 Marica Vs Sabrina – Back Torture

Marica’s back destroyed

What is more beautiful than Marica in her pink thong bikini? The above, attacked and tortured by a badass Sabrina, stretching the blond’s abs, arching her back, exposing her barely covered breast, making her scream and cry in agony. And having great fun doing so!

Cruel Sabrina

Sabrina is determined to destroy Marica’s back, putting her through unimaginable pain and suffering. She applies an over the knee back breaker, then plants her keen on Marica’s back and arches her full body, pushing her to the limit.
Without a word and a merciless smile, Sabrina looks down on Marica and proceeds with a surfboard hold… Marica begs to stop, already sobbing in tears of pain.

Perfection in action

Sabrina wants to bring it one step further and humiliates Marica forcing her to her knees, walking her across the room holding her hair and then applying a very creative “kneeling camel clutch”. And a terrific boston crab, and… you name it!
The sight of Marica’s tortured body throughout the match is obviously the main reason to buy this video, together with Sabrina’s bossy attitude and the slow, accurate, sadistic way of applying each hold.
Not to mention the final victory pose…

Duration: 30 min
Video price: Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 28,99 (2160p)

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