SFD183 Andrea vs Serena – Test Of Strength

Following an argument, the ultra-fit Serena dares to challenge an all time favorite like Andrea in a test of strength match. A nervous head to head staredown, full breasts pressed into each other, both wrestlers breathing heavily for the tension – and the match begins!
Fingerlock test of strength: watch the two athletic, firm bodies with their muscles bulging for the effort, try to force the opponent down on her knees. Wrists are bent with pain, facial expressions reveal the tremendous effort… The weaker will fall, and be forced on her back, trapped under a humiliating schoolgirl pin!
Admire Serena’s perfect curvy body during the excruciating double body scissor challenge that follows: look how Andrea is hopelessly forced to give up, caught bewteen Serena’s unforgiving, muscular thighs.
The tightest double bearhugs will leave one girl aching on the floor, beaten. And a long two handed strangle duel will finally push one with her back against the wall, strangled until she passes out!
After a painful hairpulling contest which decides the final winner, the loser is even walked around the room on her knees, and then posed on! She will be left sobbing for her defeat. A match she won’t easily forget, what about you?

Duration: 16 min
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5 thoughts on “SFD183 Andrea vs Serena – Test Of Strength

  1. WOW,
    What a cool picture set. From an even start we have a very dominating finish. Face sitting and the winner parading the loser. Some great camera angles and oh yeah, The Girls…… They are great

      1. Hi Latten. All videos on SFD are scripted, if that’s what you mean 🙂

  2. I wish you’d do a mixed fight where the winner (the girl, obviously) parades the loser like this. (Yeah, yeah – why not order a custom :))

    1. Surprise! Yes there is already something filmed with more humiliation for the guys… Lara especially loves to be bitchy with them big boys! And as you say, in case you have anything in mind…

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