SFD182 Ambra vs Celeste – Wrestling

Ambra is a little provocateur. Celeste is no less than her. Put them together in a matted room and it’s a matter of seconds before an argument bursts out and a fight taks place!
Suddendly Celeste hits Ambra, and soon has her in a terrific camel clutch and loves inflicting as much pain as she can to her back, arched like a bow!
The dark haired beauty insists with more slowly applied back breaking holds: Ambra’s back is in terrible pain and she passes out.
But never judge Ambra too early! She is now ready to fight back: with a sadistic grin on her face, she scissors her, wins her resistance after some back and forth mat fight. Breast smothered grapevines, mounts, and more tits on her face!
Celeste is now horrified by air deprivation, listen to her heavy breathing from close by! Then she is kicked, walked around the room like a dog, head scissored, reverse neck scissored! It’s Ambra’s show! Her holds become more and more humiliating, Celeste breaks into tears, for both pain and frustration. She is blocked, trapped, dominated at Ambra’s will in acrobatic spectacular holds leaving her no chance.
Celeste’s belly will be exposed in the most painful back breaking holds, her begging unheard.
But once again, if you think it’s over you are dead wrong! with still 10 minutes to go, there’s room for much more! Strangles, face punches and endless series of terrific ribs crushing belly punching… and a surprise ending!

Duration: 24 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
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    1. In any SFD video, rules depend on what the client ordering the custom video wants to see. It’s totally up to the client, since these videos are scripted for the great part.

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